Assessing Emotions with Facial Expression Recognition

Emotional feedback matters.

How did they react to your video? VideoFeel it and find out! VideoFeel is a platform for managing emotional video analysis using facial expression recognition.


Get the complete picture on how your video is affecting your audience!

Emotional feedback is important to assess the performance of any communication.


Questions such as "Is the message clear?", "Does it generate confusion?", and "Is there some surprise as I expected?" are important to answer to evaluate the performance of a video communication that’s expected to have a clear impact.


Discover how people react and why.


Visual attention is the way you allocate your attention by gazing at the object of interest.


Brief state of being bewildered or unclear triggered by an event different from inner prediction.


Brief emotional state experienced as the result of an unexpected significant event.


State of experiencing humorous and entertaining events or situations.


Benefits of getting Emotional Feedback Analysis

Get the Inside Scoop on Consumer Reaction

Get accurate insights into consumer reaction and understand what emotions your video is eliciting. This way, you can craft better communication messages that are more likely to resonate with your target audience.

Get the reactions you need to perfect your video

By understanding how people are reacting to your video, you can make necessary adjustments to improve its performance. This way, you can ensure that your video is having the desired impact on your audience.

Fine-Tune Your Videos for a More Engaged Audience

Receive detailed reports on each viewer's reaction, including the moments that generated confusion or surprise. This way, you can fine-tune your video to better engage and enlighten your audience.


What our customers say

“Some of my very recent ideas where really "out-of-the-box". Before releasing them in the wild, I needed a safety check. That emotional feedback saved the day”

“We needed a way to show our customer leadership team that marketing was producing results, and it’s hard to convince only with guts feelings. This analysis help articulate evidence.”

They trust us


Common questions?

Is it accurate?

Our models has been used in the real world for years and proved reliability with robots, digital avatars and for our own surveys. Our technology provides a confidence score to help mitigate. The accuracy depends on the conditions of the viewing experience.

Our facial expression recognition technology analyses the movement of anonymous facial key points over time. The value output is reliable on a statistical perspective and everything you need to know is explained in this detailed blog post.

Does it respect privacy?

Yes. Since day one, we've built a technology that keeps people in safe zone. We don't need images or videos. It works with facial key points, anonymous by essence. Learn more in this article.

Does the viewer have to install anything?

No. Everything is done through a web browser. The viewer is a web application. The best results you get is from people watching your video from a laptop. On mobile, it only works with Android for the moment, and we are working to make it work with iOS also.

How much does it cost?

The price is mainly based on a "pay-per-use" basis. We have 2 paid user plan to get access to extra features, but you can easily run with a free account and pay for your views. You have all the details in the pricing section.

Can I download and export the emotional data?

Yes. You can directly download the data per viewer, for the entire viewer list of a video directly from the platform.

You can also access your data through a REST API. Contact us, and we will make it work with you.