Which emotions are important for video analysis feedback?

Learn which emotional insights are important and find how your video is making people feel with Hoomano's VideoFeel emotional analytics solution.

Why Emotional Analytics?

Emotional feedback is important to assess the performance of any communication. Questions such as "Is the message clear?", "Does it generate confusion?", and "Is there some surprise as I expected?" are important to answer when creating a communication like a video that’s expected to have a clear impact.

And to answer those questions you need data. There are 2 goals that drives our emotional data discovery:

1) Get the Inside Scoop on Viewer Reaction

You need insights into the overall viewer's reaction and understand what emotions your video is eliciting. This way, you can craft better communication messages that are more likely to resonate with your target audience.

2) Fine-Tune Your Videos for a More Engaged Audience

Getting detailed reports on each viewer's reaction, including the moments that generated confusion or surprise. This way, you can fine-tune your video to better engage and enlighten your audience.

Which emotions are important?

#1: Attention is the foundation of engagement

photo-26 Attention is the mental process involved in attending to other objects
What’s the point with attention?

  • Assess effectiveness in arousing interest
  • Improve messages with attention span analysis

⚠️Losing attention of a significant part of your audience is a bad signal.

💡 You can take action by trying to raise interest before the loss of attention, trigger engaging emotions like surprise or amusement.


#2: Surprise is key for building a successful engaging content

surprise_lady_street Surprise is a brief emotional state experienced as the result of an unexpected significant event.

What’s the point with surprise?

  • Trigger customer experience of a positive unexpected event
  • It’s a secret weapon used to arise attention, need to be wisely and balanced usage

⚠️ Surprise is either a positive or negative emotion.

💡 You can assess surprise to validate intentional provocative scenario that arises attention. 

#3: Confusion has to be avoided



Brief state of being bewildered or unclear.

What’s the point with confusion?

  • This is the absolute engagement killer
  • Critically track if confusion arises in your content to fix the cause

⚠️ Confusion is often a clear sign that message is unclear, or intention not adapted.

💡 You can check if confusion plays a big role in the customer’s feedback and fix what has to be. Crystal clear message is a sign of respect for your audience.

#4: Amusement is a secret weapon




State of experiencing humorous and entertaining events or situations.

What’s the point with amusement?

  • People want to laugh, that’s what makes life beautiful
  • Positive emotion that trigger amusement are memorable

⚠️ Amusement is a profound positive emotion. Use it wisely to engage and build memorable experiences.

💡 You can build funny experiences just because it’s cool. And as it’s cool, people will remember them.

4 Emotions Super Powers


Why Hoomano?

At Hoomano, we’ve learned how to capture the irrational reactions of people by developing social robots applications in the real world over the last decade. Now, with our unique patented and award winning Emotional Artificial Intelligence technology, we help market researchers tap into the potential of emotions.

VideoFeel is an emotional video analytics solution to discover how people react using facial expression recognition through any webcam from a phone or a laptop.

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