Easy-to-use Facial Expression Recognition

Get the inside scoop on how your video is really making people feel!


Get the emotional feedback you need to assess your video's performance!

If you're looking for a way to get emotionally charged insights from your videos, look no further. Our platform is easy to integrate and delivers powerful results.

Real world expressions

Our solution is based on state-of-the-art science of emotions. Facial key points are computed by our facial expression recognition models.

Private by design

Emotions are so intimate that we make no compromise on privacy. No images are sent. An on-device anonymization model takes care of getting the key points required for the emotion analysis and only sends them to the cloud API.


Facial key points are computed by our facial expression recognition models. A blended emotional representation is computed in real-time, at very high frequency up to 30 times per seconds.


All videos are shared using a unique link. State of the art end-to-end encryption via HTTPS is applied. For even more security, you can password protect your links and use One Shot links.

Moments of Interest

Discover triggers by navigating the timeline and find the moment generating the most emotional reactions. From all the reactions across the viewers, learn when people react globally with confusion and surprise

Global Emotional Report

Gain insights via built-in analysis and visualization tools, or export data for additional qualitative analyses like clustering, profiling

Customizable ID

Say you have your own identification system in place and you want to keep track of the experiment. You can use the custom field "user_id" that will be exported in your data. Easy to match on your end, and we don't know who they are.


We work with the best partners to make the technology directly integrated within your preferred software survey tools. Just ask us, and we will tell you who are the best.


Enrich your analysis with actionable emotional feedback

  • 1. Upload your video

  • 2. Share the link

  • 3. Collect emotional reactions

  • 4. Insights at your fingertips


1. Create an account

2. Upload your video



Connect with your viewers

Choose if you want “one shot links”.

Copy the link to share to your viewers.


Viewer experience

The viewers receive a link to the video.

They will be asked to start their camera to start the viewer.


Explore individual & global insights

  • Emotional highlights reports
  • Moments of interests
  • Export Data



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You might ask

What is unique with VideoFeel?

1. Facial expression that is private by design, with respect with people's privacy. No image sent to the cloud.

2. Real world facial expression rather than the non spontaneous basic 6 (or 7) emotions from Paul Ekman's work. Yes, we tried and that's why we built that technology, because we needed it for ourselves.

3. Real-time. The technology just works on the fly, even if it's not mandatory for post evaluation, the thing is that it makes things smooth, light, performant and data frugal. Which is nice by essence, and we love things that are well done.

What can I do with the emotional data?

1. You get unbiased timed data representing a statistical overview of the emotional response to your video

2. Explore which moment of your video generated confusion, surprise or amusement.

3. Check the overall attention to validate the interest over time and

4. Find evidence of what might have been an individual feeling turned potentially into a statistical discover.

What are the requirements on the viewer side?

The viewer has to be using :

- a laptop with any up-to-date web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera.

- a mobile phone iOS or Android with Safari or Chrome.



What is the recommended video format?

For the format, MP4 videos are ideal. For the resolution, no particular recommendation but it is preferable to have a sufficient quality to offer a good level of reading on a large screen for the respondents who visualize from their laptop or fixed PC with a nice screen + webcam. For your information, here are some Youtube recommendations: The optimal resolution for your YouTube videos is 1920 x 1080 pixels, referred to as Full HD or 1080p.

Is it accurate?

The values for each emotions are like shortcuts for how people tend to label the underlying patterns of behavior.

Our models has been used in the real world for years and proved reliability with robots, digital avatars and for our own surveys. Our technology provides a confidence score to help mitigate. The accuracy depends on the conditions of the viewing experience.

Our facial expression recognition technology analyses the movement of anonymous facial key points over time. The value output is reliable on a statistical perspective starting at around 15 views. The higher, the better.

Does it respect privacy?

Yes. Since day one, we've built a technology that keeps people in safe zone. We don't need images or videos. It works with facial key points, anonymous by essence. Learn more in this article.

Does the user has to install anything?

No. Everything is done through a web browser. The viewer is a web application. The best results you get is from people watching your video from a laptop. On mobile, it only works with Android for the moment, and we are working to make it work with iOS also.

How much does it cost?

The price is mainly based on a "pay-per-use" basis. We have 2 paid user plan to get access to extra features, but you can easily run with a free account and pay for your views. You have all the details in the pricing section.

Can I download and export the emotional data?

Yes. You can directly download the data per viewer, for the entire viewer list of a video directly from the platform.

You can also access your data through a REST API. Contact us, and we will make it work with you.

Get feedback that goes beyond just likes and comments!